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Oggie’s Adventure to the Sea

Oggie the octopus is getting too big for his tank and needs to move on so his owner decides to help him find a new home. Olive only lives a couple blocks away from the ocean so one night she sneaks out of her house to help her friend follow his three hearts. She learns that her neighborhood can be a scary place for a child at night. Now she only wants to help her friend get to the ocean and go home.

ATNAS: Santa’s Sister in the South Pole (Other work)

ATNAS is completely opposite of her brother Santa. Even her name is spelled Santa backwards. In this humorous book children will be engaged by the lively characters and original storyline. There is factual information throughout the story about the Great Skua; the only living animal to step foot in the harsh climates of the South Pole. Atnas wants to do away with presents but learns through her failed attempts Christmas is about family and being with the ones you love.